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In Tchaikovsky’s intense opera of obsession and the supernatural, Gherman is caught between the woman he loves and a destructive fixation.

The Queen of Spades is based on a short story by Pushkin, and comes to the Royal Opera House in a new production that  has already garnered five-star reviews in Amsterdam. The production is set in 1890, the year of the opera’s premiere.  

In  his  study,  Tchaikovsky  imagines  the  opera  into  life  as  his  own  story,  its  characters  giving  voice  to  his  unfulfilled  desires.  Aleksandrs  Antonenko  and  Eva-Maria  Westbroek

 head  the  cast  and  Royal  Opera  Chorus,  conducted  by  

Antonio  Pappano,  Music  Director  of  The  Royal  Opera.

This  is  an  engrossing  portrayal  of  a  tortured  creative  artist  and  a  gripping  piece  of  gothic  storytelling.